Facilitator; Project & Program Management


Core Professional Skills
Products Return on Investment

Partnership Broker
Scoping of needs and options for collaborations and partnerships across aged and palliative care. Capacity building projects for the collaboration/partnership identified.
Identification of potential partners across aged and palliative care. Partnership with diversity of partners developed.
Identification of type of partnership – reactive; adaptive or transformative partnership. Detailed agreement to underpin partnership. Clear vision for all partners of the partnership.
Build aged palliative care partnership on 5 principles:- Mutual benefit
Partnerships built on respect, trust and commitment for all partners.
Facilitation of aged palliative care collaborations and partnerships Partnership Activity Plan for projects including success measures and resource requirements.

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator
Strengths based approach for change and improvement Strengthened organisation capacity to improve. 

Knowledge of evidenced based strategies to improve palliative care service provision for aged persons
Assessment of current situation against evidence based success strategies from Decision Assist Linkages Projects. Capacity development for care services in response to assessment against success strategies

Respecting Patients Choices Facilitator
Knowledge of Advance Care Planning and application in aged care environment. Increase in confidence of care staff in undertaking Advance Care Plan process.

Auditor- ISO 9000: 2008Quality Management Systems
Working knowledge of quality standards and compliance issues. Action plan to address non-compliance issues with quality standards.

Project/Program Management
Strategic Plans
Project plans
Implementation Plans
Review current project/s to make recommendations on next steps.
Organisation and situation specific Strategic/Project/Implementation Plans developed.


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